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Choose Your Cruise Sunscreen SPF 50+

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Don't forget your sunscreen for those sunny days on the pool deck and on the islands. Our sunscreen is very cruise passengers best friend with proceeds supporting Skin Cancer awareness in Australia.

60g CRUISE Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ with Carabiner

SPF50+ 4 Hour Water Resistant
UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum protection
Australian-made and owned by Happy Skin Australia, founded by Melanoma survivor Dylan Manov.

* Percentage of proceeds goes directly towards Skin Cancer awareness in Australia
* Fast absorbing
* Dry Touch
* Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
* Every day use
* Fragrance free
* Perfect for Kids
* Rubs in clear
* Sand/dirt won’t stick to skin
* Moisturises
* Low allergy
* Nano Particle Free
* 3 year Shelf Life from date of manufacture

TGA Listed AUST L:255692 (lotion)
Active ingredients: Homoslate 10.00% w/w/ Octocrylene 8.00% w/w/ Octyl Salcylate 5.00% w/w/ Butyl Methoxydibenzolmethane 4.00% w/w
Contains: Benzyl Alcahol, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxybenzoates